Vita Di Lusso apartments with spectacular opulence... Heavenly Italian furnishing that gives you an amazing lifestyle filled with irresistible charm of luxury.”

Enjoy Meal With Family

Dine with family and loved ones like you're home

Spacious Sitting Room

Feel at home away from your own home

Luxurious Kitchen Setup

Fully equipped celebrity-like kitchen

Stay Fit

Keep the mind and body in good shape

Master Bedroom

Everything you need inside one massive room

The Perfect Pool

Swim at your convenience with no intrusion


Beautiful Inside and Out

Our apartments are situated in the heart of the city. As well as being exquisitely furnished to satisfy all your needs, our luxury serviced apartments are equally breathtaking when viewed from the street.

The Apartments

1-4 person

Apartment with balcony Bed ?- 1.8m by 2m The apartment takes 2-4 guests

1-4 person

Apartment with balcony Bed ?- 1.8m by 2m The apartment takes 2-4 guests

Olivia Collins

The entire ambience was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Everything was carefully placed to ensure that I had a memorable experience, even down to the perfectly and conveniently placed power outlets.


I had a fantastic time at Vita Di Lusso! From the moment we arrived until we finished our event, I and my friends felt completely catered to; we barely even felt the absence of a room service. The staff on hand was excellent and worked with us while we set up. We’ve unanimously decided that Vita Di Lusso is the venue for all our events. 10/10 I would recommend it.


I had a great time here during my short stay at Vita Di Lusso while on my business trip. The aesthetics were so pleasant and calming. Very relaxing atmosphere so I was able to focus and get all my work done.